Tuong Vien Group
Industrial Real Estate
Who we are
Tuong Vien Group is an experienced industrial real estate investment and management company based in Hai Phong. It has developed its expertise in acquiring, developing and managing industrial properties for a variety of industries, including manufacturing, warehousing and distribution.
Our sole commitment is finding the highest-valued yet sustainable approach which best suited
for our clients’ needs
Total Area
40+ HA
Warehouse Space
200+ M
Total Investments
90+ M, USD
date of established
Locations in Hai Phong
Growth rate annually
10 000+
TVG in numbers
With in-depth knowledge of the industrial real estate market, we want to provide a highly sustainable approach that is tailored to our clients’ requirements with a reasonable cost. Our goal is to be seen as the most trusted, reliable, and professional one-stop for our partners when it comes to industrial properties
Quallity & efficiency
Speed & mobility
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